Why Pandas Deserve Our Love

Recently we discovered an article entitled “Bamboozled: Humans Should Stop Meddling With Pandas and Let Them Die” (link below) which attempts to debate the worth of pandas and their conservation. https://qz.com/1308730/modern-pandas-should-have-died-out-years-ago/ Needless to say, we at Pandomu were stirred by the editorial and wanted a take the chance to respond to specific issues and make […]

Twin Panda Cubs Born in Berlin!

On August 31, 2019, the Berlin Zoo celebrated the amazing birth of brand new twin giant panda cubs. Their mother, Meng Meng, is age 6 and father, Jiao Qing, age 9, are both on loan to Germany from China, and according to loan agreement the two new twin panda bears also belong to China and […]

Hello World!

Here at Pandomu we’re completely obsessed with pandas, so we’ve decided to share our panda love with the world! We’ve created several cute and unique panda bear designs based around fun themes. Each one of these exclusive patterns come in a variety of bold colors and are available on a wide assortment of products – […]