Twin Panda Cubs Born in Berlin!

On August 31, 2019, the Berlin Zoo celebrated the amazing birth of brand new twin giant panda cubs. Their mother, Meng Meng, is age 6 and father, Jiao Qing, age 9, are both on loan to Germany from China, and according to loan agreement the two new twin panda bears also belong to China and will be returned their native country eventually, but that won’t take place at least until the panda bear cubs no longer need their mother. In the meantime its a huge cause for celebration in Germany and China, as every single panda birth helps to grow the species alarmingly low population levels. The birth of twin pandas is a rare and extraordinary circumstance and these are the first pandas to be born in Germany. Everyone here at Pandomu was overjoyed to hear the news and many cultures consider twins to be a special blessing.

Meng Meng’s pregnancy lasted for 147 days and the cubs weighed 186 and 136 grams at the time of their birth. This was Meng Meng’s first pregnancy and she intuitively placed the first infant on her stomach to begin warm it with her fur and paws while still giving birth to the second twin. Both mother and cubs are both reported to be in good health. The twins are pink and covered in fuzzy white hairs with no sign of the traditional black spots which will come with time. At this time the gender of the twins has not been verified and the Berlin Zoo has reached to panda bear experts from China for help in identifying gender in the infants.

In some cases with multiple births, panda mothers will only raise one of the offspring and reject the other, so animal keepers at the zoo are engaged in a practice of swapping out the twins one at a time with the mother so that she is more likely to accept and help raise both cubs. The father, Jiao Qing, is not involved in the raising of the cubs, which is normal for male pandas.

When a Berlin newspaper surveyed its readers to find out what the most popular names for the new panda bear cubs would be, the stand outs were Hong and Kong, which has been seen as the citizens of Germany showing their support for the pro-democracy protest movement currently underway in Hong Kong.

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