Brand New Yoga Panda Pattern Available Now!

Hello again and thanks for stopping back by our panda blog! This week has been exciting because we’ve just released our new Yoga Panda pattern at our shop We are so thrilled to bring you this new set of products which we hope are a big hit with yoga lovers.

Pandomu Yoga Panda pattern example

This new Yoga Panda pattern is available in all of our standard colors: blue, green, pink, purple and yellow and is decorated with the cutest panda bears all performing their own favorite yoga stretches and poses! The words Namaste and Yoga Love are accented throughout the pattern as well as serene lotus flowers in bold colors. Now you can take your relaxation and panda love with you wherever you go with a Yoga Panda phone case or backpack. We have so many different options available to share your panda love with more arriving all the time.

This new pattern is one that we’ve been really excited about releasing since the beginning of our boutique panda shop, but knew that we had to really nail the design so we spent some extra time with this one crafting the most adorable print we could in all of your favorite colors. We hope you love this new pattern too and please stay tuned for future posts, products and patterns soon!